Selena Gomez – “BAD LIAR” 


Ahh She’s back!!! After almost 2 years since the release of her last album “Revival” in 2015, it looks like a new era is coming. Selena took some time off last year, after canceling part of the Revival Tour. Since then she’s been in and out of the spotlight.
Earlier in the year we go the hit collaboration with Kygo “It Ain’t Me” to be honest, the song came out in February and I still got it on repeat. The chorus is everything to me I star to sing and dance. In March the highly anticipated series “13 Reasons Why” came out, on Netflix with Gomez being executive producer. Great show a really hard topic to talk about but needs to in the days we are living in, it’s already confirmed that a second season is coming. Selena also did a cover of Yaz’s 1982 electropop hit “Only You” for the show.

Now it’s May and a new era is about to star with the release of the new single “BAD LIAR” coming out on 5.18.17. Gomez has been teasing the single for over a week starting when she posted pictures on her instagram account of a bathroom mirror with the text on lipstick saying Bad Liar. She also did a countdown on her website for the release and 24 hours before the song came out she posted on the site a GIF that looked like the “Bad Liar” music video is already filmed.

I’ve been waiting, it’s finally 5.18.17 the song is out and I love it to be honest is totally different from what a thought it was going to be, is still pop but not a club track. Selena sounds great a really mature voice and the vocals loving them especially on the bridge. The video is out on Spotify, it reminded me of the beginning of the Revival era with “Good For You” the song and video same feeling very simple and artistic. Really excited for this new music coming, I love to see the evolution on artists with each album the put out, and Selena Gomez never disappoints.


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